HELiFIRE Buckets


HELiFIRE™ Monsoon Buckets


"Freestanding & Collapsible Aerial Firefighting System"


HELiFIRE™ Monsoon Buckets offer a wildfire proven collapsible and freestanding aerial firefighting system to deliver water and water additives to support firefighting operations.



The HELiFIRE™ Monsoon Bucket is the only fully collapsible freestanding capable fire buckets on the market. Although there are a number of other suppliers of helicopter buckets around the world, they cannot be filled and left freestanding on the ground, and this sets us apart from other variants of helicopter buckets such as the Bambi bucket, Cloudburst and Fastbucket.





HELiFIRE Monsoon Buckets are extremely reliable under all conditions. They are lightweight and durable and offer a relatively low-cost “Hook & Go” capability. They fly extremely well both full and when empty, are easy to pack up. In addition, they can be landed at full capacity to support of ground based fire crews.


The HELiFIRE Monsoon Buckets base and internal self-supporting collapsible frame is made of 316 stainless steel, the come complete with certified stainless steel rigging and the yellow liner is made of heavy duty PVC coated industrial nylon fabric with RF welded lap seams.


The liner is ultraviolet, fire retardant, puncture and abrasion resistant, and as such can withstand the forces of nature that monsoon buckets experience when slung under a helicopter over the fire line.





The Pilot/Flight Crew simply attaches the monsoon bucket to the helicopter hook, via lift ring and 10  -15 m strops, then plugs the two ARO connectors/airlines into the source of bleed air (or BA cylinder) to allow the PIC to control the pneumatic ram to discharge the water via the monsoon doors.






The Pilot In Command (PIC) hovers over the selected water source, such as lakes, ponds, rivers and oceans. The Pilot In Command (PIC) then lowers the empty HELiFIRE Monsoon Bucket with its monsoon doors (valve) open into the selected water source whilst looking out of the cockpit window to facilitate quick pick up, and provide a full view of the water source and surrounding area to ensure obstacle clearance and enhance safe load delivery.


The Pilot In Command (PIC) then closes the monsoon doors (valves) inside the HELiFIRE Monsoon Bucket, so the bucket can be then safely filled to appropriate level visually by the Pilot In Command (PIC) by looking at the water level inside the HELiFIRE Monsoon Bucket abd using the Onboard Weighing System (if fitted) to prevent the Pilot In Command (PIC) from overloading to the helicopter while on external load lifting operations. 






The HELiFIRE™ Monsoon Buckets provides both single and multiple drop capability.  Once the helicopter is over the fire, the HELiFIRE Monsoon Bucket is placed precisely over the designated target. The Pilot In Command (PIC) then electrically opens the bucket monsoon doors (valves) to drop suppressants and retardants in a variety of ways that best meet the needs of the ground firefighters.  


The Pilot In Command (PIC) can create a massive fire line by partially opening the monsoon doors (valve) while in forward flight; they can also open and close the monsoon doors (valves) to dispense a series of spot drops; or they can hit those stubborn hotspots with precise, massive spot drop. 






The HELiFIRE™ Monsoon Bucket Kit includes:


  • Collapsible internal 316 stainless steel frame
  • Certified stainless steel rigging and quick release couplings
  • Yellow heavy duty Liner (Ultraviolet, Fire Retardant, Puncture and Abrasion resistant)
  • Compact design, fully collapsible
  • Deployment bag/crate
  • Optional Electrical/Pneumatic controller
  • Optional Remote Air Supply






  • Compact free standing collapsible helicopter bucket
  • Modular design for easy installation, field service and repairs
  • Lightweight, tough and easily stowed within its carry bag in the helicopter
  • Simple installation using existing helicopter hook, bleed air coupling and cyclic control
  • Powered by compressed air, either from the aircraft or from an auxiliary compressor
  • Pilot controlled variable fill and instant monsoon system allows multiple drop rates
  • Can be flown up to 100 Kts when empty, enabling quicker turn around from fireground/filling source
  • Excellent long line characteristics under a variety of flight conditions (does not spin)
  • Can be dip filled vertically at the hover in less than 30 secs’, reducing pilot workload
  • Can be filled at hover and left freestanding on the ground so support ground crews\
  • Can be ground filled and left freestanding on the ground using high volume pumps
  • Can be used as an emergency rescue extraction platform for up to two people







HELiFIRE™ Monsoon Buckets are tailored to suit your specific aerial fire suppression needs with a range of capacities.


Model Capacity Litres Capacity US Gallons
HF-190 190 50
HF-345 345 91
HF-500 500 132
HF-900 900 238
HF-1200 1200 317
HF-2000 2000 528
HF-3000 3000 793
HF-5000 5000 1320




Certification Standards for Helicopter Firefighting Buckets – As the HELiFIRE Monsoon bucket is underslung from a Helicopter Hook (which is STC'd), there are no structural and electrical modifications required for the installation for a HELiFIRE Bucket on any Helicopter, and as such there is no requirement for HELiFIRE Bucket to have a Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) or to be certified by CAA to manufacture. 


Our range of HELiFIRE Monsoon buckets are fit for purpose and are built to and operate under the New Zealand Civil Aviation Rule (CAA) Rule Part 133 – Helicopter External Load Operations and the National Rural Fire Authority (NRFA) Fire Equipment Standards for helicopter firefighting Buckets. 





We pack our HELiFIRE Monsoon Buckets with love to meet New Zealand and International ISPM15 packaging standards ensuring your equipment reaches it's destination.






Manufactured in New Zealand by Rural Fire Service for Aerial Firefighting


Downlaod the HELiFIRE™ Monsoon Bucket Brochure





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