HELiFIRE Buckets


HELiFIRE™ New Zealand

HELiFIRE™ Monsoon Buckets are a hook and go solution suitable for all helicopter types.  Launch highly efficient precision attacks against fires by equipping your helicopter with a HELiFIRE Monsoon Bucket.





The setup and cleaning/pack-down of the HELiFIRE™ Monsoon Bucket is a simple one-man operation, and the multi-drop and variable Fill capabilities makes it easy to use.  This tough, lightweight product can be used to dispense a series of spot drops, or they can hit those stubborn hotspots with a solid column of water and/or water additives onto the fire. 
Please call +64 21 712 180 or click through to our Products Page for examples of the following role equipment that may be suitable for your aerial fire suppression needs.

HELiFIRE™ Monsoon Buckets

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